About Us

FN Software Solutions Private Limited, Zimbabwe, a wholly Zimbabwean owned company based in Harare is a technology company focused on Financial Technologies & Health Technologies platforms with active presence in emerging markets.


FN’s key products and solutions with in the fin-tech domain are

  • Agent/payment banking platforms,
  • Card-less banking solutions,
  • Merchant payment platform (QR/OTP based)
  • Services aggregation / Payments switch,
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB),
  • Micro-Finance platform,
  • Salary Deduction Submissions,
  • Automated Reconciliation Solution,
  • Billing Engine,
  • Voucher Vault.

All these solutions work towards the global need of building cashless societies and digitizing payments. Besides addressing the micro/individual payments solutions, FN is solving the corporate/bulk payments problems to have them executed in real time and at nominal costs. It also brings the key benefit of Net Settlement to Banks & other Financial Institutions and can also provide realtime visibility of all Funds movement to regulatory body. This comes along with the business intelligence and analytics modules for the corporates to manage their outflows. FN also has automated reconciliation software for reconciliation of banking & non-banking transaction with click of button.

FN Software Solutions Private Limited, provide a seamless, secured, scalable and robust Service Delivery Platform to Zimbabwean community. FN Software Solutions Private Limited has launched their flagship product NDASENDA™, capable of delivering all financial and non-financial valued added services, to create a service aggregator platform. The platform has the capability to provide financial services to micro, small & large enterprises, retail chains, banks, wallet companies, international aggregators, telecom companies, other service providers and national payment system through direct integrations between the partner systems and NDASENDA™ system. The platform has the capability to process interbank payment transfer for both B2B & B2C customers with net settlement between the banks through settlement banks. The same platform is also upgradable to integrate with RTGS system for settlement

FN Software Solutions Private Limited offers customized interface on its NDASENDA™ platform to consumers - individuals, agents, merchants and integrating multiple existing as well as new payment houses - card switch, banks, billers, schools, insurance companies, health care institutions, mobile wallets; providing secured, scalable, regulated, performance & high technology driven platform.

Agency Banking Solution, as part of NDASENDA™, facilitate the bank to provide basic banking services through agent network. Basic banking services includes but not limited to opening of new bank accounts, Cash deposit & withdrawal, intra-bank & inter-bank fund transfer, Bank-Wallet fund transfer, balance enquiry, mini statements and other possible banking & financial services.

On Health Technology, FN’s solution is an Exchange platform, that connects the patients, doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories and health insurers/funders on one single platform. Core focus being the convenience and affordable health services to the masses. The whole health care transaction for an individual, professional or a business is guided through technology on our platform. The solution supports automated reminders, newsletters, expert's advice, specialist groups, health at home, home care and cross border health tourism features on one single platform to maintain the health records availability at any time, yet absolutely secured.

Why Choose Us

The adaptation of NDASENDA™ platform in the market shall address the need of creating an integrated payment solution that can integrate all existing payment mechanisms and brings unified payment, Agency Banking Services, settlement platform for automation of reconciliation & settlement process, and also to provide flexibility to add new partners to eco system. This shall bring down the transaction cost significantly and shall create a homogenous and Omni-channel based transaction system in the country.

In less than 24 months of its operations, www.ndasenda.com has enabled 1000+ agents to distribute value added services like Airtime, Broadband, Electricity, Wi-Fi etc. At the same time, it is helping 100+ Corporates to submit Salary Deduction Instructions, currently processed 10 million+ instructions.

Key technology benefits are

  • All solution built on latest technology stacks
  • High performance system with both Horizontal & Vertical Scalability, Safe and Secure, Ease of Use
  • Real-time Integration and Interfacing
  • Support all access channels – Web, Mobile, USSD, POS, mPOS
  • Multi layered deployment architecture with 99.95% system uptime
  • Security Features - Supports RSA-2048, AES-256, DES3 encryption algorithm
  • Periodic Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
  • Integral Business Analytical module with Risk & Fraud management features
  • Real-time and Historical Audit and Transaction Reports with Access Control Mechanism
  • Flexible Pricing Models for both OPEX based offering and Outright Purchase Model
  • Strong heritage of highly scalable, robust and innovative financial technology solutions


  • Service Aggregation Platform deployed in Zimbabwe as Ndasenda.com processed more than 10 million transactions in total within one year.
  • Agency Banking Platform deployed for National Building Society, Zimbabwe
  • Service Aggregation Platform deployed in Mozambique as ebazaara.com
  • Software Platform for Salary Deductions submission being used by more than 100 companies in Zimbabwe
  • Loan Origination System developed & deployed for Micro Finance Companies In Zimbabwe

Our Vision

To inspire trust and to transform lives, through leadership in digital payments, nurturing social and financial inclusion

To empower rural entrepreneurs to broaden their village's connect to service their markets, thereby increasing the affordability, accessibility and variety of products available to Rural Communities using cost effective technology

Financial inclusion of the poorest of the poor that can help drive and expand our Business Model and take it to a new level, at the same time meeting our Corporate Social Responsibility obligations.
To create a digital value chain for building Zimbabwe to a Cash-less Society

FN aspires to be a Market Leader for providing Service Aggregation Channel by developing Cost Effective Applications to enable access to wide canvas of services comprising Banking & Payment Services, Automated Reconcilliation & Settlement Services, Financial literacy, Government Information access, focusing on economically weaker sections especially in the rural areas, also to create a Market place for Mobile commerce, Entertainment and Education

Our Mission

To establish a robust nationwide banking & payment ecosystem, in a seamlessly networked environment, using latest technology to deliver financial and non-financial services in real time through multiple access channels

To facilitate easy access to last mile banking, financial and non-financial products, within the convenient reach of people, with a focus on rural Zimbabwe

To provide an inter-operable, low cost technology driven infrastructure, agnostic to Banks and MNOs, delivering affordable services to the masses

Core Values

Customer Service Orientation

Customers are our most important asset and therefore it is vital that we satisfy and meet their expectations sustainably.

Achievement and Drive to Succeed

We are goal-oriented, therefore we recognize and reward the achievement of goals and targets.

Honesty and Integrity

We value relationships primarily based on honesty and integrity. By conducting ourselves and the way in which we do business with honesty and integrity, we create trust which is a key driver to maintaing all stakeholder relationships.


We believe in constructing an enjoyable work environment which motivates and incentivizes employees and partners to be more productive and creative.


Consulting and working together as a team towards a common goal ensures that we can achieve the Group's objectives, while continuing to develop sustainable value propositions for each stakeholder groupings.

Service Providers on NDASENDA™